Charity Auctions

We at Touchstone Sports  do significant business in providing charitable organizations with items which assists them greatly with their fundraising efforts. We work closely with several charitable and non-profit organizations by providing quality items at significantly discounted prices for their fundraising event. With our sports memorabilia line of products, we have found this to work extremely well.

How Does It Work ?

Simple. The charitable organization will contact us making an appointment to come in and view our inventory. With our assistance and advice, you will select items for your event you believe would return the most dollars.

Prior to your final selections, we determine your cost for each item. This total will be significantly below our posted retail prices.

Your cost is simply the amount we need to get back for each item you select. Therefore, you will establish a “reserve price” for each item, based on the “cost price”. The greatest advantage to you, however, is if the item does not receive a bid meeting your reserve price, you simply return it to us the next business day. YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE ITEM.

All items receiving reserve bids are items that are purchased and your organization is invoiced the next day. All monies for items bid above and beyond the reserve price is direct profit to the charity. You only pay us at the reserve price. NO ADDITIONAL FEES ARE CHARGED.

Its a “Win-Win”

The great advantage of our being able to offer this arrangement to charitable organizations is that you are able to provide outstanding quality items for your event without the fear of any financial exposure whatsoever.

This works well for us because our quality items are exposed to a large gathering of people whom we hope will contact us after an event and order items direct from us. At the same time, we assist local charities with their fundraising efforts. These types of relationships are very gratifying to us.

Your fundraiser could be anything from a formal banquet with a silent / live auction component, to a golf tournament. Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you raise significant dollars for your organization.